2,700 Watt 12″ MOFO Series Subwoofer

MAX Power2,700 Watts
RMS Power1,500 Watts
ImpedanceDVC 4Ω
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MOFO-X subwoofers are refined and increase efficiency dramatically! MOFO subs use a composite sandwich cone with a polypropylene surface for durability and Spruce pulp backing for smooth low bass. Like the original MOFOs, the new models still use an aluminum dust cap that couples to the voice coil former and extends over the cone. Why? The fins brace the cone and eliminate cone flex during high excursion. And since they are aluminum and couple to the voice coil, they act as a heatsink or heat extractor. Using the latest materials, the new MOFO subs yield superior performance. Cast aluminum baskets? Of course! Increased bottom octave output? You Bet! Louder than the original design? Duh!!

Cast Aluminum Heatsink
The anodized blue dust cap on the MOFO subwoofer looks cool and also serves a specific purpose. Because the dust cap is coupled to an aluminum voice coil former, it acts as a heatsink, extracting heat away from the voice coil, keeping it cool.

Non-Pressed Pulp Cone
Ask any sound quality enthusiast what woofer cone material they prefer, and they will all say PAPER. With that in mind, we used a beefy non-pressed pulp paper cone. The aluminum dust cap fits into the recesses of the cone for additional bracing.



Overcompensating Motor Structure for Increased Magnetic Strength

12mm T-Yoke & Top Plate Improve Low-Frequency Dynamics

Vented T-Yoke & Frame Reduces Voice Coil Heat Build-up

Die-Cast Aluminum Heat Sink Dust Cap Absorbs Voice Coil Heat

Aluminum Dust Cap Fins Dissipate Heat & Strengthen Cone

Non-Magnetic Non-Resonate Die-Cast Aluminum Frame

2.5” 4-Layer Voice Coil w/ Large Gauge Wire Increases Power

High-Temperature Tolerance Adhesives Resist Thermal Failure

Nickel Plated 8ga Spring-Loaded Compression Wire Terminals

Non-Transfer Spruce Pulp Cone w/ UV & Chemical Protection

High-Density Polyether Foam Surround w/ UV & Chemical Protection

Dual Poly-Cotton Suspension Dampen Violent Accelerations

Stitched Voice Coil Leads Prevent Potential Damage

1-pc Gasket/Trim Ring w/ Concealed Mounting Holes Included


Specifications MOFO-124X
Max Power Handling 2,700 Watts
RMS Power Handling 1,500 Watts
Efficiency (1w/1m) 85.37
Voice Coil Configuration 2.50″ Dual 4Ω
Motor Volume 373oz
Mounting Depth 6.875″
Optimum Sealed Enclosure ft3 1.00
Optimum Ported Enclosure ft3 2.00