License Plate Frame w/ Night Vision Camera, Back-Up Sensors, On-Screen Distance Gauge, & Proximity Alerts


Back-up Camera

The 1/4” CCD color camera of Rear View Eyes offers a glimpse into the estimated 260 square feet of blind spot behind your vehicle, reducing it by up to 90%. Eight built-in infra-red night vision LEDs shed artificial light onto the surroundings, even in the darkest driving conditions. Simply connect the camera’s output to most aftermarket car stereos with an LCD, or a dash mounted monitor via RCA connector. An on-screen distance guide gives the estimated distance to an object or driving space visible in the camera image.

Object Proximity Sensors

Three built-in ultra-sonic proximity sensors always monitor how close you are to objects. Strategically aimed, the proximity sensors offer nearly 1800 of observation. An on-screen distance indicator & optional speaker giving audible alert tones indicate how close the vehicle is to approaching objects.

Rear View Eyes offers some of the most advanced safety feature available today. These features are designed to reduce the risk of a backover incident, however, ultimate responsibility of safe driving remains on the vehicle driver.


  • Fits All USA Auto License Plates
  • IP67 Waterproof Housing
  • Effective Viewing Distance
  • Zinc Alloy Metal Frame
  • 200 ~ 1200 Operating Temp.
  • 1300 Video Capture Angle
  • Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional Auto Turn-on
  • 56*504 Video Capture Resolution