12″ Caliber Series DVC Subwoofer

MAX Power1,500 Watts
RMS Power500 Watts
Voice Coil ConfigurationDVC 4Ω

Power Acoustik Caliber subwoofer combines innovative technology with the finest materials to consistently deliver absolutely state of the art performance, sound quality, reliability, and value. The Caliber subwoofer reflects our commitment to offering you unparalleled performance and quality for years of dependable service and listening enjoyment.

Subwoofers do not need to have monster magnets to work properly. These all-new drivers are great for the modest powered system and yield great sound quality and much lower bass than the previous models. Each model features a molded Polypropylene cone and Butyl Rubber surround for great performance and durability. Dual 4-ohm voice coils are wound on Kapton formers for versatility and better heat dissipation. Check out the new entry-level drivers and see for yourself that low-cost subs do not have to sacrifice performance!


  • Optimized Motor Structure for Improved Low Bass Dynamics
  • 6mm Top Plate & Vented T-Yoke Reduces Voice Coil Heat
  • 1.50” 4-Layer Voice Coil on Kapton Coil Former
  • Nickel-Plated Quick-Disconnect Wire Terminals
  • High-Temperature Tolerance Adhesives Resist Thermal Failure
  • Injection Moulded Polypropylene Cone w/ Foam Surround
  • Poly-Cotton Suspension Dampen Violent Accelerations
  • Stitched Voice Coil Leads Prevent Potential Damage


Specifications CBW-124
Fs (Hz) 34.6
QMS 6.18
Vas (ft3) 2.93
Cms (mm/N) .23
Mms (g) 92.9
Xmax (mm) 6
Xmech (mm) 18
QES .677
Re (Ω) 3.5
Z (Ω) 4
BL (Tm) 9.5
BL (Tm) 9.5
MAX Power 1,500W
RMS Power 500W
NO (%) 9.5
Efficiency (1w/1m)) 85.3dB
Impedance DVC 4Ω