Closed Cell Polyurethane Surround
Polyurethane is a foam compound used in the manufacture of countless gasket and insulation products, known for its adhesive bonding properties. Crypt PU surrounds also have built-in expansion pockets to flex and relieve stresses during extreme use.
Overcast Stitched Cone Assembly
Surrounds of Crypt woofers are double overcast stitched directly to the cone surface. In addition to superior adhesives, overcast stitching improves the conventional bond between cone and surround.
Back Plate & T-Yoke Venting
Heat build-up is a leading cause of catastrophic woofer failure. Venting built into the T-Yoke, back plate, and voice coil extract and dissapate heat, ensuring Crypt woofers keep their cool.
100% OFC 4-Layer Voice Coil
Crypt woofers use generous 1.25” long, 2.00” diameter 100% OFC Copper voice coils. A vented Aluminum former extract and dissapate any heat build-up, resulting in im proved power handling.

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  • CW2-104


    1,800 Watt 10" Subwoofer
    Max Power Handling 1,800
    RMS Power Handling 720
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 88.4
  • CW2-124


    2,000 Watt 12" Subwoofer
    Max Power Handling 2,000
    RMS Power Handling 850
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 90
  • CW2-154


    2,200 Watt 15" Subwoofer
    Max Power Handling 2,200
    RMS Power Handling 1,000
    Efficiency (1w/1m) 89

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