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2,000 Watt 1 Channel Amplifier
Channels & Class Monoblock D
MAX Power 2,000
RMS @ 1Ω 1 x 1,200
RMS @ 2Ω 1 x 900
RMS @ 4Ω 1 x 600


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  • All MOSFET Transistor Amplifier
  • Regulated Pulse Width Modulation Circuitry
  • 1 Ohm Stable Class D Monoblock
  • Pre-Amp Outputs
  • Three-Way Protection Circuitry
  • Front Panel Connections & Controls
  • Direct Input 4 ga. Power & 8 ga. Speaker Terminals
  • Top Panel Status Indicators
  • Die Cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Chassis Integrated Mounting Feet
  • Jet Black Texture Coat Finish
Specifications BAMF2000/1D
Channels & Class Monoblock D
MAX Power 2,000
RMS @ 1Ω 1 x 1,200
RMS @ 2Ω 1 x 900
RMS @ 4Ω 1 x 600
Input Sensitivity 200mV-6V
THD % 0.20%
Frequency Response 20-200Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB
Fusing (2) 40
(2.125" H x 8.25" W)
Low-Pass Crossover 40-200Hz
Subsonic Crossover 20-50Hz
Bass Boost (45Hz) 0-18dB
Phase Control 180°
Remote Gain Control Included
12dB Crossovers
Filter out the frequencies your subwoofers can't play and use the power for what they can play via 12dB/octave slope low pass, & subsonic crossovers.
Remote Gain Control
The remote gain control allows amplifier level adjustment from a remote location in the vehicle.
Strap Amps Together
Get double 1 ohm power on a 2 ohm load by strapping two like amps together. All pre-amp adjustments and remote control are done from one Master amp.
All MOSFET Amplifier
BAMF amplifiers use MOSFET transistors for the power supply & output stages. MOSFET transistors increase durability and longevity over bi-polar counterparts...
18db Bass Boost
Utilize a built in 45Hz bass boost for up to 18dB of gain. Get the most power from your BAMF amplifier.
180° Phase Switch
Phase align the subwoofer sound waves with the front speakers so both hit your ear simultaneously. Phase aligning the normally out-of-phase subwoofer sound waves increases the bass your ears pick up.

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